We founded A.T.O. architectural & design studio because we are confident that by applying our experience and creativity we can transform and bring more aesthetics and functionality to the world around us.


A.T.O. TEAM is a professional team that consists of enthusiastic people who are in love with their work:

We are engaged in the development and implementation of architectural and design projects for both public and residential premises.

We are not afraid of experiments and we are ready to take on projects of any complexity.

We believe that expertise, responsibility and job involvement are the principal conditions for obtaining a high-quality results.


From our point of view, architecture and design processes are not just ordinary refining of the surrounding area, but a combination of technology, innovation and aesthetic perfection. At the same time, the output of high end design and decoration is more than just a nice picture. It is a thoroughly constructed atmosphere and well-thought-out image.



Our studio cooperates both with businesses and private clients. We believe that there are no borders for creativity indicated by square meters. In our portfolio you can observe apartments of different sizes, private houses, hotels, business centers, restaurants and other real estate not only in Russia but abroad as well.

We do not apply the certain patterns in every single design-project. We fundamentally do not develop the identical and indistinguishable spaces.  Each new project is a new story and an opportunity to put a new space on a unique shape.

Our team develops concepts and discover exceptional aesthetic solutions in order to accurately convey the mood and relay the individuality, worldview and wishes of our customers in the appropriate form.



One of the most significant circumstances for successful developing and implementing of a design project is engagement and trust between the designer and the customer. We invariably listen to and hear our customers requirements, we are inspired by their ideas and do our best in order to embody their individuality in the interiors.

Simultaneously, it is essential for us that our competence, a sense of beauty and expertise have become an integral way to realize a performant design project.

We construct and decorate each space, bringing to the task our vision and expertise, on the one hand, and the individual preferences of the customer – on the other.


Ekaterina Vinokurova
Alexey Gorodkov
Project Executive
Leading Architect
Leading Architect
Leading Architect