Square meters
56 m2

The beauty salon «MMO» in Moscow.

In this project, we tried to convey the bright personality, professional approach to the work and client-centricity of the «MMO» founders in the interior. The concept of that beauty salon and our customers, who completely entrusted us with the choice of the style, materials and colors, became an inspiration for us in the process of  implementation of this project.

The premise is located in a historical building with undestroyed brickwork, that was utilized as a key background element of the interior. At the same time, it is very significant that despite the abundance of brutal brickwork, the interior turned  to be feminine and noble, that corresponds to the target audience of the beauty salon.

We chose deep and comfy colors and unusual shapes as the main techniques in the interior. Particular attention was paid to the creating of comfortable environment for future clients and employees of the «MMO».