Square meters
320 m2

Children’s cafe-restaurant.

The central idea of the «Littles» Children’s Cafe founders is to create not just a restaurant with children’s areas, but an ideal place for a comfortable rest for the whole family. Such an idea has become a source of inspiration for us.

We deliberately made the space as light as possible and used only one main color and texture of wood. We specifically refused large amount of decoration or ornamentation and excessive «childishness», focusing on functionality, safety, and uncomplicated forms.


We have developed a complex and reliable two-tier structure, that at the same time looks imponderable. Most considerable, all children’s zones are visible from anywhere in the restaurant, giving the visitors with children the opportunity to feel comfortable and calm. Light colors, a large amount of air and natural shades as accents create a relaxed atmosphere and favor warm, carefree pastime in the circle of loved ones.