Square meters
50 m2

The main idea of the «BLIZHE&CULTURA» store is based on combining two product lines that at first glance seem to be incompatible: lingerie and eyewear, into one space.

Thus, the design concept can be expressed in three words: functionality, asceticism and solidity.

The element that combines together two separated rooms is the monolithic cash-desk, flowing from one hall to another, from the counter to the podium, from the niche to the shelves with products.

 Texture finishing added antique sculpturesqueness. Due to the general color scheme for walls and ceilings, it was possible to visually increase the space and make it more solid.

As a result, thanks to a professionally done layout, arrangement of light and scrupulous work with shapes, textures and the unity of space, we managed to bring life to the space without abundant details and excessive amount of decoration or ornamentation.